Company Profile


Guanhui was established in 1998

Company Profile

Guangdong Guanhui Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998. It is a professional smart home hardware component company integrating R&D, production, sales and service. Its business is to provide high-quality home furnishings. , Cabinet hardware products and related technical consultation. The company has established a diversified product system with smart home hardware as the core, product extension hinge series, slide rail series, zinc alloy series, aluminum alloy Series, functional parts series, intelligent hardware series, etc.


The products provided by the company are praised by users for their advanced design concept, exquisite appearance and high quality. The company’s products have been used for the 2008 Beijing Olympics Furniture Living Hall, Shanghai World Expo, Dubai Sail Ship seven-star hotels and other well-known venues around the world provide products.


The company’s headquarters has a modern industrial park of more than 60,000 square meters. The company has nine major students including zinc alloy center, aluminum alloy center, CNC machining center, polishing center, glue center, and DISK spraying. The production center, with 5 sales branches, is one of the domestic household hardware industry with large scale, complete product varieties, and one of the most potential for development. The total number of employees exceeds 500.


The company’s management model is bold and innovative, through the introduction of the "Japanese Toyota-style production management system", strengthens the company’s internal management and system improvement, through scientific management methods, and modern production lines The introduction of the company has greatly reduced product quality and operating efficiency, and the company’s production technology has reached the advanced level of similar products.


The company has always adhered to the road of independent innovation, and through the continuous development and launch of new technologies and new products to ensure that its products are always at the international leading level in the industry; and encourage employees Industrial innovation and continuous reform. Up to now, Guanhui has 1352 patents, of which 1162 appearance patents have obtained certificates, 115 utility model patents have obtained certificates, and invention patents 75 items.


"Nowell" was selected as a well-known trademark in China, a famous trademark in Guangdong Province, and 3 famous brand products in Guangdong Province. It participated in the formulation of 1 national standard and the compilation of 3 industry standards. The company was It was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise and passed the re-certification in 2016; the company also won the titles of Guangdong Industrial Design Demonstration Base, Dongguan Patent Cultivation Enterprise, and Dongguan Patent Pilot Enterprise.


In order to export a people-oriented management culture and active and healthy lifestyle, the company has established a performance-oriented performance appraisal method to help employees grow quickly and work happily. and Always adhering to the concept of green production, starting from hardware facilities and practical practices: through sky gardens, waste sorting and disposal, using low-carbon and pollution-free solar energy, creating a green and environmentally friendly ecological industrial park. Realize the dream of green factory and green office.


After years of development, all employees of the company adhere to the Guanhui style of "unity, hard work, pragmatism, and innovation", and continue to work hard to shape a business philosophy and corporate culture that keeps pace with the times and has its own characteristics. Continue to invest in the implementation of technological transformation, energy conservation and environmental protection, new production lines and new product joint development projects, and make unremitting efforts to realize Guanhui Technology to become a first-class household hardware component enterprise in China and the world.

Company culture
Our mission

Provide customers with hardware products of precision quality and humanized design

Corporate vision

Become a leading manufacturer of hardware products in China

Core value

Unity, hard work, pragmatic innovation

Production base

Business philosophy

People-oriented, customer first

Development path
  •  Won the title of "Corporate Contribution Enterprise"
  •  Won the Excellent Private Enterprise of Chang'an Town for 10 consecutive years
  •  Passed the national high-tech enterprise review
  •  Won the China Well-known Trademark in 2014
  •  In 2010, "Guanhui" was rated as "Famous Brand Product of Guangdong Province"
  •  In 2010 won the title of "National High-tech Enterprise"
  •  In 2008, "Nowell" was rated as "Famous Trademark of Guangdong Province"
  •  Won the title of "China's Top Ten Furniture Hardware Enterprises" in 2005
  •  In 2000, the two major brands of "Guanhui" and "Nowell" were launched
  •  In 1998, Guangdong Guanhui Technology Co., Ltd. was established